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tv   ABC7 News 1100AM  ABC  October 16, 2014 11:00am-11:31am PDT

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live from the kgo tv broadcast center, this is abc 7 news. >> at&t park is all spiffed up and ready to go. giants fans are hoping here they'll return -- win a return trip to the world series. >> it's all happening at this place here with the giantings poised to capture the national league pennant. players, fans, businesses, police, and bay area transit are all geared up and ready to go. amy is live at at&t park. amy? >> reporter: hi.
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don't forget about the dugout store. it is doing brisk business this morning, and we saw an exciting delivery this morning. boxes and boxes of t-shirts from a local printer. they're the championship t-shirts. i have confirmed they've been printed. they are here. they will be on sale tonight if the giants win. lots of excitement here. champagne on ice. police and muni tell us they, too t are ready in case the giants win. they brought in a little more beer than usual to at&t park this morning knowing that tonight the giants could advance to the world series. even the man delivering it is hoping it is consumed joyfully. >> celebrating the win for the giants. >> you think? >> oh, yeah. for sure. it's happening. >> reporter: they have the experience. here's what it looked like last time the giants won a spot in the world series. this is in 2012. fans erupted, music blared, and orange fireworks lit up the sky. when the san francisco giants beat the st. louis cardinals
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9-0. fans around the ballpark this morning are feeling optimistic they will see this again. >> they'll do it tonight. madison bumgarner. yeah, no problem. >> reporter: san francisco police are now also experienced in handling overjoyed baseball crowds. they will be taking what they learned from the past two world series appearances and applying it. >> our operations plans from 2010 and 2012 have all been dusted off. >> reporter: they'll have extra staffing tonight at the ballpark and around the city just in case things get out of control. and if the giants do make the world series, that's when their plan really kicks into gear. >> we worked to make sure that trash cans that were used to set fires were cleared away a couple times throughout the night. >> reporter: they're asking fans to do their part and celebrate responsibly. stewart samuel says he has a better idea. >> i hope i'm far, far out at
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sea. it's going to be crazy. too many people going crazy. >> reporter: he's going to be watching from the safety of mccovey cove on his boat. i just got off the phone with muni. i just learned their plan this morning. they're going to deenergize the overhe overhead lines and reroute. that's on mission and market and 4th and king. they're going to do that just in case anyone decides to jump on top of a base. they'll be using their diesel buses through there, so your service shouldn't be impacted, but that will be happening. they are on high alert. they say they all have faith the fans are going to celebrate responsibly. that is the hope. hopefully there will be a celebration and the giants will win tonight. reporting live in san francisco, amy hollyfield, abc 7 news. >> amy, thank you. in kansas city, royals fans are celebrating the team's first
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trip to the world series since 1985. yesterday the royals completed a four-game sweep of the orioles in the american league championship series. greg holland got j.j. hardy to ground out to end the game as the royals beat baltimore 2-1. they've now won all eight postseason games they've played this year. game one of the world series will be tuesday in kansas city. you know giants fans come in all ages, shapes, and sizes. check out the terror twins in their one sis. there's another niko. yeah, there is. we'll tell you about it later. we want to see your team spirit. e-mail your fan photos to >> he's not a meteorologist, though. and tonight madison bumgarner faces adam wainwright with a chance to close out the cardinals. first pitch at 5:07 p.m. as we said, the series would
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shift back to st. louis this weekend for game six and seven, if necessary. we're hoping they're not necessary. but we hope there will be campaign showers, the only variety of showers we'll probably have. >> you can see sunshine over at&t park. here's mike niko with our game-time forecast. >> i haven't changed my stance on those champagne showers. i think they'll come to fruition. here's where the rain is actually falling and moving to the north and staying away from us. live doppler 7 hd showing it's dry, rain free. we're going to remain that way. even the breezes are a little calmer than what we're used to around at&t park. so here's your forecast. how to dress. how about like those five people with the panda heads on last night? that was pretty cool. if you don't have that, a hoodie will do. dropping down to about 58. we'll have high clouds and sunshine. then high clouds and stars. i hope you have fun. eric? >> okay, mike. we'll check back in a couple minutes. developing news on the ebola outbreak. one of the dallas nurses infected with the disease will
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be transferred to the isolation section of a specialized medical facility in maryland. abc news reporter john erlichman has the report. >> reporter: nina pham, one of two nurses who contracted ebola in dallas, will be transferred tonight to a facility in maryland. while amber vincent is now in atlanta. the 29-year-old is the second nurse at texas presbyterian hospital to contract ebola after treating thomas eric duncan, the liberian patient who died there last week. before she knew she had the disease, vincent flew to cleveland to visit family and plan her wedding. then back to dallas. some of the 132 other passengers who flew with her now taking precautions. >> if she was showing symptoms, if she was contagious on that flight and i was in an enclosed space with her for three hours, then that's enough of a reason for me to say that i should be
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isolated and i should be quaranti quarantined. >> reporter: the cdc originally claimed vincent made a mistake flying. >> she should not have been on that plane. >> reporter: but abc news has learned vincent contacted them before boarding the flight and the cdc gave her the all clear even though her temperature was slightly elevated because she didn't meet the threshold. the admission fueling an already growing anger against the agency. this morning the hospital issuing a mea culpa in a letter to congress, saying they initially misdiagnosed duncan, made mistakes afterwards, and failed to provide accurate information. meanwhile, three schools in the dallas area are closed for cleaning. a precaution tied to students who were on that amber vincent flight. abc news, dallas. san francisco international airport is ready should any passenger arrive with ebola-like symptoms. the cdc has not ordered sfo to begin screening passengers for ebola, but it is prepared. county health workers and cdc
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representatives are on duty at the customs desk. one worker who cleans planes, tells us crews are taking precautions, wearing masks and gloves while doing their jobs. there are daily developments on the ebola crisis. you can get the updates as they happen and other breaking news with our abc 7 news app. it's free to download on apple's app store or from google play. we also have more information at abc7 this morning, police say they rescued a 14-year-old oregon girl who was kidnapped from her home. police arrested 41-year-old blake robert johnson yesterday. the girl was taken from salem, oregon. no word yet how johnston knew the girl. the circumstances of the kidnapping are still under investigation. this morning sheriffs deputies are investigating the shooting of a 12-year-old boy. it happened in bay point on welden lane around 9:00 last night. deputies found the boy wounded
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in front of an apartment. he was air lifted to children's hospital oakland. no word on his condition or any suspects or motive. new this morning, an elderly man and woman were rushed to the hospital after they were hit by a car while crossing a street in san ramon. it happened around 9:15 this morning. police say the man appeared to have a skull fracture and the woman suffered minor injuries. both were taken to the hospital. the woman in the car was driving towards the sun, which may have played a role in the accident. still ahead, new details on the death of joan rivers from a newly released autopsy report. and apple shaking things up again with a new gadget. what they've just unveiled at their event this morning in cupertino. plus, are you ready for the big one? how californians are bracing themselves for the next major themselves for the next major eart
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new this morning, the autopsy report on the late comedy legend joan rivers is out, and the new york city med medical examiner says rivers died during surgery to check out her throat for voice changes and acid reflux. the cause was low blood oxygen. the medical examiner says her death was a predictable complication from a medical procedure. happening now, apple is unveiling its new ipad right now
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at an event in cupertino. tim cook calls it simple and magical. it has a better camera and is 18% thinner than the previous version. two of them together are thinner than one original ipad. the new ipad air 2 starts at $499 and goes up to $829. the new ipad mini 3 also just unveiled has retina display. it starts at $399. preorders for both begin tomorrow and they'll ship out end of next week. abc 7 news reporter david lui is live tweeting from the event. you can get the latest by following him on twitte twitter @abc7david. people up and down the state practiced their ducking and covering this morning. a huge exercise drill to get us ready for the next major earthquake. >> abc 7 news reporter matt keller is live at the tech museum in san jose with how the great shakeout went down there. matt? >> reporter: well, this is a
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very fun event for a very serious topic. earthquake safety. it took place here at the tech museum. in the past hour, a few hundred kids inside took part in the great california shakeout. >> everybody get down! >> reporter: the students from the san jose elementary school washington covered and held on. organizers say the goal is to prevent disasters from becoming catastrophes. people in the bay area are particularly aware of the dangers since the napa quake a few months ago. >> the reminder is that we live in earthquake country. it's not a question of if but when and that we need to be prepared. >> we are to drop, cover, and roll. we drop to the ground and we covered our heads. >> reporter: once the drill was done, students were able to get more hands-on experiences at the tech museum's earthquake
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exhibit. that includes an earthquake platform, when they felt different earthquakes from history. organizers today emphasized preparation, like creating a disaster plan, what to do during a quake, and after the quake stops. the american red cross is handing out checklists for your emergency kit. they say you should carry a whistle and were handing these out. reporting live in san jose, matt keller. happening now in the east bay, sheryl jennings is posting a public policy symposium to commemorate the 25th anniversary of the earthquake. sheryl posted these pictures on twitter with some of the mayors taking part. the event is happening now at the kizer center in oakland and goes until 5:00 tonight. community leaders are talking about a program to help our region quickly recover from future disasters. you can follow sheryl on twitter @sherylabc7. reminder, sheryl is taking a look back at loma prieta
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tomorrow at 6:30 with the special "15 seconds: 25 years later." we would like for you to join us. all right. meteorologist mike niko ahead with the forecast. >> we have some rain in the forecast. a couple of times. before we get to that, we have some cooler-than-average temperatures. plus, the winter outlook was just issued by noaa. i'm not sure you'll like what you see for december, january, and february. that forecast coming up also. >> said that kind of dryly. plus, explore where you live this weekend. cool places to check out around the bay area.
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we have breaking news right now in oakland. you're looking at the scene of a freeway offramp shut down in oakland. according to the chp, that's the 51st street off-ramp from highway 24. this is because an eight-inch asbestos cement pipe ruptured. also, they may have a water main break. this is all happening near the children's hospital in oakland. east bay crews are working on making those repairs. the hospital is not affected, but two residences and two fire hydrants have water shut off. again, sky 7 hd hive over the scene in oakland. so just a few minutes ago, mike was saying that the national oceanic and atmospheric administration has a new forecast. we're not going to like it. >> that noaa. >> not the one that built the ark. >> we definitely don't knee an ark -- need an ark.
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>> not enough rain this winter? >> i'll show you what's going on. we have to jump into it. let's start with our temperatures. we're going to be warmer than average. that's what they believe. they give us well above average chance of being warmer than average with below average all along the gulf coast and into the midsouth. they give us equal chances of being above, average, or below average as far as precipitation goes for december, january, and february. you can kind of see where the storm track is going to be. right along the southwest and into the gulf coast and up the east coast. looks like it's going to be pretty dry up along the northern states into the great lakes states because of the storm track being farther to the south. so there you go. hopefully they err on the side of underforecasting the precipitation. here's the way it looked from the golden gate bridge this morning. same thing from our high-definition san jose bureau camera. what we're looking at are just high clouds roaming in on this
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fast jet stream. some blowoff from the showers out to our west that will work their way towards us tomorrow. but not all of us are going to get much in the way of rain. even if you get some, it will probably be very light. if you're heading out right now, 60 in oakland. everybody else pretty much in the mid to upper 60s. you can see a little haze out there. it is not a spare the air day. thankfully we haven't got into any of those yet. high clouds and cool today. our active pattern means a couple more chances of rain with those chances mainly staying north of us. our temperatures today, mid to upper 60s along the coast in san francisco. upper 60s to low 70s north bay through the bay. as you head to the south bay and inland east bay, you could have some mid-70s. tonight we'll be back in the 50s in just about all of neighborhoods. the coolest, napa and palo alto. you can see the storm system out to our west. the blowoff from the clouds. definitely the thicker and wider clouds are along the cold front.
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partly sunny and cooler than average today. a chance of rain with this system tomorrow. here it comes. unfortunately as it rolls in, it's going to bring us a scattering of light rain across the north bay starting at noon tomorrow, through the afternoon hours and into the evening hours. sprinkles for the rest of us. notice the green. the future radar returns never really climb ashore because this system falls apart before it gets here. so by saturday evening, we're looking at a lot of sunshine before the sun sets and temperatures a little bit warmer. here's our tropical storm. it is still churning around just to the southwest -- or southeast, i should say, by about 490 miles. look what it does. it does intensify a we head towards friday evening. that's when the bulk of it's going to be hitting hawaii. but it's going to be going south. so hopefully they're protected just a little bit. as we head towards sunday morning, it's going to get oahu a little wet and windy then move
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away. back here at home, the weekend will be brighter and warmer. monday and tuesday, another chance of light rain. by wednesday, we're out. >> all right. not the big stuff we're hoping for. thanks, mike. we have some places to explore where you live this weekend. >> now that the post-summer heat is subsiding, it's time to curl up at the movies. but the new film "men, women, and children" might make you recoil in your seat. it tells the story of how the internet has altered relationships, self-image, and communications. check out our interview with the producer and writer on our website. and we've crowned the largest pumpkin ever to grow in north america, weighing in at a whopping 2,058 pounds. this means it's time for the half moon bay arts festival. marvel at a haunted house, live
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music, crafts, and lots of tasty treats. one island, two days, three stages. an electic collection of musical artists. it's the treasure island music festival. headliners include outkast. limited prepaid parking is available or grab a free shuttle ride from san francisco. for more information on these and other events where you live, visit our website at a lot to do. we'll be right back.
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it may be orange october, but for many people, purple is also the color of choice today. >> check out the entire morning team of "good morning america." they went purple as part of glad spirit day, a day to take a stand against bullying. eight of out of ten lgbt youth report being bullied. the san francisco giants are also asking sports fans to show a little purple today. >> thanks so much for joining us. us. let's win right here to
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[dramatic music] ♪ >> yo! yo! [laughs] hey! hey! hey! i'm terry crews, and i can't wait to start giving some money away today on millionaire. [cheers and applause] for years, today's returning contestant has been envisioning the millionaire confetti raining down on him. now he's only four questions away from that becoming a reality. from oakland, california, please welcome dorian johnson! [cheers and applause] my man, my man. uh. >> thank you. >> dorian, here we are again. >> man. i'm saying


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